Is there need for travel insurance to travel within Canada?

Is there need for travel insurance to travel within Canada?

We’re gradually starting to get back to routine, and more people can put their summer travel plans into effect. But, instead of looking overseas, Canadians are looking domestically. People are exploring the beauty and experience that awaits them in their own land. Even the Canadian government is urging citizens to hit the road. The Canadian administration recently announced that they would be committing over 70 million dollars to Canadian tourism. Quebec also lately launched a drive aimed at Ontario residents hoping that they would visit the French province. In such circumstances, there is a need for travel insurance.

Do You Need Health Insurance to Travel Within Canada?

Certainly, your provincial health insurance doesn’t embrace you once you withdraw from your home province. Determining if you’re in a mishap while hitting Alberta and you don’t have coverage, you’re going to be paying out of pocket. It’s also essential for somebody who has pre-existing health conditions.

What’s Not Covered By Provincial Health Care When You’re Travelling?

What’s covered by region varies; they don’t all offer the equivalent coverage. For Ontarians travelling outside of their province, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not include the following:

  • prescription drugs and other medications are given outside a hospital
  • home-care services
  • ambulance services (covering transport and paramedic)
  • fees charged by separate hospitals or facilities (e.g. physio, dentist)
  • long-term care or residential services
  • assistive devices (e.g. prosthetics)
  • diagnostic or laboratory services outside of a public hospital (e.g. bloodwork, x-ray)
  • Other services not usually covered in Ontario (e.g. cosmetic surgery)

You’ll see related services not be embraced by your countrified plan if you live outside of Ontario.

What’s covered By Provincial Health Plans When You’re Travelling?

Two services are covered by most countrified plans, walk-ins with a physician and contingency services. If you hit a public hospital and need to get x-rays and blood tests done, such emergency services would be done with your health care card. Essentially any treatment you get out of the province has to be medically necessary for OHIP and relevant provincial services to cover it. 

Benefits of Travel Insurance

In a nutshell, you need travel insurance to travel within Canada. Travel insurance covers you in the case of an accident or unexpected illness. You don’t want to be in a hospital injured and left to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills. Some of the aspects that travel insurance covers are:

  • prescription drugs prescribed in a medical emergency
  • ambulance transportation costs
  • emergency dental
  • emergency medical repatriations to your area or territory of residence, if this service is held necessary and safe
  • accommodation costs in a private or semi-private room
  • urgent dermatological care
  • benefits of different types of health professionals (physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, etc.)

Please make the most of the summer and drive while we can, but make sure you take all the required precautions to keep yourself safe.